Album:White Noise
Genre:Melodic Hard Rock/Classic Rock
Label: Escape Music & MUSIC BUY MAIL(C-LOGIK)
Release Date:Out Now

From Rhode Island,USA

Phil Vincent - Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards
Steven Albanese - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
Billy Roux - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
William V. Arnold - Bass
Tane DeAngelis - Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

This is the 10th album from Phil Vincent since his debut album in 1997.
Opener "How Long" is a great driven rocker and "Another Day" follows with a very strong chorus and some brilliant guitarplaying.
The album gets off on a good start and luckily it carries on through all the 13 tracks.
Many highlights and no real falls. And that's very rare these days.
Phil has a great voice that sometimes reminds me of Kip Winger.
Lots of amazing arrangements on the album especially on "I Wish You Could See Me Now" a cool track with some Beatles feel to it and "Don't Get Me Wrong".
Picking out one favorite song from this album was very very hard but "Run & Hide" won the race,it's just a magical track.
If this album would have been released in the 80's with good promomotion it would have had a couple of hits on MTV and radio and a couple of million copies in album sales.

BEST TRACK : Run & Hide

SOUNDS LIKE : Winger,Dokken,Journey,Survivor,Styx,Aldo Nova