Retro Nova

Album: Retro Nova
Genre: AOR/Melodic Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date June 2009

Formed in Long Island,USA 2001

Cliff Terry:Guitar,Vocals
Ed Breitkopf:Guitar & Vocals
Dave Moir:Drums & Vocals
Mike Frassetti :Bass,Keyboards & Vocals


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut cd from American rock band Retro Nova.
The sound of Retro Nova is a fresh mix of the 70's and bands like Styx,Kansas & Blue Öyster Cult with some Beatles in the cattle as well.
That the muscians have lots of experience shows and I bet on stage they shine even more than on record.
Favorite moments among the 10 well penned and produced tracks are the album opener "Rollin' In Clover" and rockers "RainCheck" & "Thunder Road".
A cool 70's feel flow through the record with fine harmony vocals and three of the members sing lead vocals as well.
This is a band and an album that sure is worth checking out if you're a fan of the 70's classic Melodic/Progrock albums.
As the closing track "Madness" rocking away on the stereo I can't help but hope that the band will get to do some European festivals in the near future.
Retro Nova have done a brilliant debut album and I'm already looking forward to the second one.

BEST TRACK : Rollin' In Clover

SOUNDS LIKE : Styx,Kansas,Blue Öyster Cult,Axe,Beatles