Scythe Of Orion

EP: X-Lives
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date April/May 2009

Formed in Finland 2006

Anu Kaunisto:Vocals
Petri Lamminsaari:Guitar
Antti Horttana:Bass
Kristian Wrang:Keyboards
Maarit Koivisto:Violin
Jani Lahnavik:Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

5 track Ep from Finnish band Scythe Of Orion.
In the opening two songs "The Open Space Of Imagination" and "Shadowland" the band brings a powerful symphonic hardrock with a diverse spices within the sound.
There's a folkmusic and pop mix with the metal in "Journey" and they make it work very cool.
Musical and dramatic moments fuels the energy in "Behind The Cloud" and "X-Lives"
Lots of tempo changes and great melodies in all 5 tracks.
Songs made for the theatre with one hell of a show.
This is a great beginning for a band I'm sure we're gonna hear alot more of in the years to come.

BEST TRACK : The Open Space Of Imagination

SOUNDS LIKE : Dream Theater,Nightwish,ABBA,Kansas,Symphony X