Album: Out of Reach
Genre: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Fort Wayne,USA

Ruthie Palmer-Vocals
Jesse Toombs-Guitar,Keyboards,Drum Programming


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

First album from American brother/sister duo Sentry.
They bring a mix of 80's Heart,Roxette and Sheryl Crow goes pop on the "Out Of Reach" album.
Ruthie Palmer's voice has a kind of Marie Fredriksson/country feel to it.Which fits perfect with the songs.
The songs are there,the voices but I'm not a big fan of the drum machine at all.
There's great potential here and I wish that next time around they will get a chance to give the songs the full treatment that they deserve.
A real drummer and a BIG production/producer and I'm sure Sentry will be blasting their songs on the radio all around the world.

BEST TRACK : Out Of Reach

SOUNDS LIKE : Heart,Roxette,Pat Benatar