Album:Before The Fall
Release Date:Out Now

Formed in Colorado Springs,USA 2004

Tryg Bundgaard-Vocals
Kurt Schwartz-Guitar and Vocals
James Lee Humes-Guitar
Paul Asher York-Bass
Brett Eurich -Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album "Before The Fall" from American Metal/Rock band Sixty 8 is a 12 track mix of the best of what the 70's,80's and 90's influenced the band.
Opening track "Blood Red Sky" is just an majestic track that grows with every play.
"Any Race Of Man" is a piece of music that have some great orchestra pieces and some great vocals.Only downside to it is that I wish it were longer.
"Better Days" sounds like a mix of Alice In Chains and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Even though I like the calmer songs alot I think it's in the heavier and darker songs Sixty 8 really shines like in "The Race Goes On" ,"Alone" and "Blood Red Sky".
And "I Won't Play" is a song that would have fitted in very nice on the Lynch Mob "Wicked Senasation" album. Great vocals on this track.
Weakest song here is "Confessions",a song that doesn't really add anything to the album.
Sum of the album is that it is a solid hardrock album with very few disapointments. A little too many slow songs and I'm no fan of the overall drumsound.
But I got a feeling the future looks very bright for this band.

BEST TRACK : Blood Red Sky

SOUNDS LIKE : Lynch Mob,Alice In Chains,Guns N' Roses,Dokken,Riverdogs