Sol Skugga

Album: Fairytales And Lullabies
Genre: Alternative / Electroacoustic / Progressive
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Östersund,Sweden

Sol Wikström:Vocals,Piano,Guitars,Electronica,Etc..
Staffan Osterlind:Electric Guitar,Theremin/MellotronGuitar
Thomas von Wachenfeldt:Electric & Acoustic Guitar,Fiddle
Stefan Hallgren :Fender 69 Jazz Bass | Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Third album from Swedish act Sol Skugga.
Mix mix within the 13 tracks on the album is very wide.
It captures folklore,pop,progressive rock and lots of other styles.
Singer Sol Wikström has a great haunting voice that fits in the music perfectly.
Cool,big and strong production.
Filled with lots of potential radio hits like Burn Her,Fairytales And Lullabies & Quietly Crucified.
Many of the songs would fit as soundtrack.
I really hope Sol Skugga will make it outside of Sweden cos then....the sky's the limit.


SOUNDS LIKE : Pink,Madonna,Björk,Blackmore's Night,Nordman,Nightwish