Album: Get Bent
Genre: Rock / Hard Rock
Label: Spank Independent
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date May 2009

Formed in North Carolina,USA

Brian Boles:Guitar & Vocals
David Barker:Guitar & Vocals
Jody Blevins:Bass & Vocals
Ben Barker:Drums & Vocals


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Second album from Spank from North Carlonina,USA.
The record starts off with a damn fine rocker "Turkey Leg" and the following track "Gravity" is a cool groovy song.
"Back To Me" and "Breathing" are just amazing songs.
Spank have alot of great flavours within them that all comes together in a very nice mix.
One other thing that makes Spank a special band is the vocals.3/4 members sing lead vocals and they all do a fantastic job.
And with having great singers in the band the harmony/backing vocals becomes more alive.
A raw,live feel to the production fits the songs like a glove.
No weak tracks among the 10.
There's some Alice In Chains grooves,Warrant melodies and some early 70's Kiss feel.
I have a feeling that Spank is just a small break away from the big times and stages.


SOUNDS LIKE :Warrant, Alice In Chains,Kiss