Strange Land

Album: Catharsis
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Milwaukee,USA 1998

Chad Novell:Vocals,Bass & Keyboards
Sean Gill:Guitar
Brad Klotz:Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Third album from US Prog rock/metal band Strange Land.
With great imagination and some amazing playing through out the record Strange Land sure have made an impact on their so important album nr 3.
The band have already played with some of the big names in the genre and that won't change now.
Brilliant energi and great production by the band.
No weak moments on this 13 track journey where the second half is the 7 track parted titel song Catharsis.
The Men Who Spent Tomorrow and Catharsis II (100 Years Of Solitude) are my absolute favorites.
Strange Land is a must to check out for the fans of bands like Dream Theater & Fates Warning among others.
Catharsis is only a small step from a master piece. But I'm pretty sure that master piece is just around the corner for this band.

BEST TRACK : The Men Who Spent Tomorrow

SOUNDS LIKE : Dream Theater,Symphony X,Fates Warning,King's X