The Crawdaddy

Album Title: Resurrected!
Genre: Funk, Blues, Rock, Soul
Release Date: Out Now!!

Formed in Phoenix,USA 1986

Richard "The Crawdaddy" Dance :Vocals & Guitar

The Crawdaddy on YouTube - Answer to the Laundromat Blues


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut cd from Richard "The Crawdaddy" Dance.
Original tunes mixed with some classic covers.
Sonny Boy Williams,Jimi Hendrix and Albert King are among the ones that gets "The Crawdaddy" treatment.
Blues,rock & some funky stuff is filling up the speakers.
Great first album and I'm sure there's lots more to come.
Cool covers and funky orginals. Very nice blend.
Bar owners arcoss America should be standing in line to book "The Crawdaddy".
This album sure got me in the party mood and sure will get on the stereo at many many parties at home.

BEST TRACK : Cold Women With Warm Hearts

SOUNDS LIKE : Stevie Wonder,Wilson Pickett,Eric Clapton,James Brown,ZZ Top