The Passive Aggressives

Album: Conflict Resolution
Genre: Progressive Pop/Alternative
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date May 2009

Formed in Oakland,USA

Keren Gaiser :Vocals
Jose Santiago:Guitar
Damian Lynch :Bass
Tim Dayner:Drums
Andrew Smith:Guitar
Christian Thompson:Guitar


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from Oakland based The Passive Aggressives.
The band brings a mix of funk,rock,pop & metal to the 15 tracks.
The Turtles "Happy Together" gets a fine treatment and fits in nice among the other songs.
This a cool bunch of songs that are made for the stage with the energy level on 11.
Great production and the band feels very tight.
Keren Gaiser provides some fantastic vocals with "Violeta" as my favorite.
"Slice It Away" and "All We've Got Is Now" are two songs I think would make great radio singles in the US.
My overall view on The Passive Aggressives is that this ain't really my favorite kind of music but there's alot of great tunes here.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if they make it big especially on the American West Coast. So look out!!!

BEST TRACK : Violeta

SOUNDS LIKE : Primus,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Heart,Alanis Morissette