Top Johnny!

Album: Top Johnny!
Genre: Classic Rock & Melodic Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date Dec 2008

Formed in Montreal,Canada 2005

TJ Star:Vocals,Guitar
Izzy Slater:Guitar


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from Canada's Top Johnny!. (7 track EP was released in 2005).
A record filled with rocking tunes like "Bad Boy (For Loving You)" & "Your Love Is Killing Me".
But there's many other flavours mix in with Top Johnny! cd.
"Bustin' Loose" is a cool track with Living Colour/Methods Of Mayhem vibes.
"Keep It Real" is a funk/disco/rock/pop track that I bet MTV and radio would put on heavy rotation if picked for a single.
The Alice In Chains influenced track "Out Of Control" is another cool one with it's heavy groove.
"The Edge (Is Where The Action Is)" would be my choice for a kick ass opener in the live set.
The variation on the 12 songs keeps the album fresh and entertaining all the way.
The only song I don't really like is "This Time".
Great production and there's some very fine guitar work on every track as well.
This is band to look out for now and in the future

BEST TRACK : Bad Boy (For Loving You)

SOUNDS LIKE : Warrant,Living Colour,Alice In Chains,Mötley Crue,Extreme