Album Title: Human Wheel
Genre: Modern Progressive Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!

Formed in Finland

Matti Ylilauri : vocals, percussion
Oikku : guitars, vocals, keyboards
Janne Ervelius : drums
Suti : guitars
Ville Veijalainen : bass, vocals, keyboards


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Third album from Finnish Modern Progressive Rock band Trusties.
Epic tracks and magnificent playing.
The vocals are suiting with a theatrical feel.
Great mix and fantasy within the songs.
The production is cool.Leaves room for the jams and big when needed and dry when fitting.
A little Rush,Yes and metal stuff with some cool Steve Vai vibes is all there.
Opening track Radiobeings clock in at 9:41 and it sure proves that Trusties can make it big anywhere.

BEST TRACK : Radiobeings

SOUNDS LIKE : Rush,Dream Theater,Yes,Vai,Genesis,System of A Down