Album: New Machine
Genre:Melodic Rock/Blues Rock
Label: DMV Music
Release Date: - Out Now (2008)

Formed in Boston

David Vaccaro:Vocals,Guitar,Bass,Drums,Keyboards
Robin McAuley:Vocals

David Vaccaro
Robin McAuley



Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

This is the second album from V-Project. The first one The Lost Demos was released in 2001.
4 out of the 10 tracks have vocals from Robin McAuley (Survivor, ex M.S.G.) and he does a great job as usual.
" Exit Sign","Somebody Like You","You Don't Care" & "Tangled In Your Web" these songs are co written by Robin as well.
Great melodic rock with a nice 70's feeling to the songs.
David has a good voice and is a great player too especially as a guitarplayer.
"Desert Run" is a brilliant instrumental track. "Exit Sign" and "You Don't Care" are simply just amazing songs.
The album has a an overall Rock Bar feel to it so it's an album for the party.
Cheers and turn it up!

BEST TRACK : You Don't Care

SOUNDS LIKE : ZZ Top,Aerosmith,Jeff Healey,Stevie Ray Vaughan,Cheap Trick