To the studio!!!

(Interview with Carnifex)

Carnifex - Vocals,Guitar
Adventor - Guitar
Vexator - Bass
Garghuf - Drums

Band Info:

Formed in Aosta,Italy 1997.

Praesidium (2005)
Haeretichristus (2008)

Style: Black Metal

Influences: Black Metal bands

The forthcoming album:

Album title: Ad Discipulum

Tracks recorded & to be on the record: 8

Song writers: Adventor (music) & Carnifex (lyrics) .Arrangements by the whole band.

Time in studio:

Time in Sonic Train Studios: Mixed November 26th-29th 2009. Mastered in December.Recorded in own studio in Italy.

Produced by: Nefarium
Mixed by:
Andy La Rocque
Mastered by:
Andy La Rocque

Record label: We have a label that wants to release the album but we will look for other labels as well.We want to find the right label for this new release.

Artwork/Album cover: The cover is done by Adventor.

Release date: 2010. Maybe February-March.

Video: Yes we have already contacted some agencies to make the video.We haven't decided what song yet.


What's the story behind the band name Nefarium?
It's a Latin word.It means aggressive murder. We choosed the name in 1999.It's a good name for us. We are mainly aggressive & fast.

What are the lyrics about on the album?
The concept of the record is about the characters from the bible.I think the lyrics are some intressting reading on this record.

Which song from the new album are you looking forward to play live the most?
All of the songs will work very good live. On this record we will play much more live.

Any guests on the album?
Yes but it's a secret at this moment :)

How come you picked the Sonic Train Studios to mix the album?
We wanted a natural sound not too much of an black metal sound. Specially for the new drummer and the guitarmelodies.

What are your favorite bands?

What bands have you toured/played gigs with?
Some of them are Satyricon,Impaled Nazarene,Eminenz,Heretic,Paragon Belial,Carpathian Forest,Hiems,Asphys,Destryer666.

And what bands would you like to tour with?
With some fast and aggressive black metal bands.Not really any special bands,just good and professional ones.
We're gonna play 2 dates with Inquistion
later this year.

Any plans to come and play in Sweden?
We haven't played here yet but hopefully on this next tour.

What is the best moment in this band so far?
Now is a great moment. We soon will have our new and best album all done.The members are great and we are all happy with the new songs.

What can we expect from Nefarium in the future?
Much more live dates.Great stage shows.And many more albums.

Nefarium comments on:

Sonic Train Studios:
It's good and very professional. A good place to stay.

Andy La Rocque:
He is very kind and a great musician & producer.He have great experience. And we are all King Diamond fans :)

We haven't had the time too see much more than the studio.It's short time here and we're focused for these few days.

Andy Flash Report 27/11-2009