To the studio!!!

(Interview with Jordi Sandalinas)

(Jordi Sandalinas & Chris Caffery in the Sonic Train Studio)

Vocals: Rick Altzi
Guitar/Keyboards: Jordi Sandalinas
Bass: Mat Saint
Drums: Alvaro Svanerö
(Tour keyboardplayer ? )

Band Info:

Formed in 2003. The current line up since 2006.


Living on the edge-2005
Fly to the sun-2008

Style: Metal,Melodic hardrock

Influences: Uriah Heep,Toto,Triumph,Iron Maiden,Metallica,Dokken and also blues & jazz.

The forthcoming album:

Album title:
Not title yet but we do have a track called Circles and we have also thought about The Messiah but we're not sure about it.
Also thought about the title To The Unknown Love but it's a little too cheesy for a metal record.It's the title for one of the ballads.

Tracks recorded & to be on the record:
We have 10 so far and we're still working on more with the help of one of my favorite guitarplayers of all time Chris Caffery.
No covers are planned for the record.

Song writers: Jordi Sandalinas & Chris Caffery

Time in studio:

Time in Sonic Train Studios: July 08-and on/off till 2009.Me & Chris started with the pre-production and other things in the studio here in July.
The recording starts today (Aug 4th) with the drums.
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by: Andy La Rocque
Record label: We are working on that. Metal Heaven have done a great job with the Fly To The Sun record in Europe but we are looking beyond Europe now as well.
So we are looking for a label that can expand the range of the album. We're working on deals for releasing Living On the Edge and Fly To The Sun in alot of different regions now as well.

Artwork/Album cover:
Not yet but i'm very satisfied by the work of Pete Alander who did some of the work on Fly To The Sun.
We're not sure yet but it might be Pete who will be doing it.

Release date:
No not yet.Andy is busy and we are trying to put a tour together and we released Fly To The Sun this year we're in no hurry with the new album. But maybe around the end of 2009.

Guests on the record: Chris Caffery and maybe Andy La Rocque but that's it.

Single & Video: No not yet. A little too early for that just yet.

The video for Never Seen Before was shot in Varberg. Any plans to make another one here for the new album?
Since everything else is done here in Sweden there's a good chance we will shoot the videos here again.
We have one song called I Don't Care that is one of the more catchier songs that might become a video.


Will you make more videos from the Fly To The Sun album?
We are planning to shoot a video for the song The Healer Talks that would be a nice one but we're not sure yet.
Alot of focus is on setting up dates for a tour to push the album more.

Fly to the sun was released in January this year.
What have you been up to since then?

I have been busy with the promotion of the album. We also had plans to do tours with Shakra and with Royal Hunt but they both got cancelled.
So we have been looking for another headliner to tour with.

How come you picked Andy & the Sonic Train Studios to record the album?
He is a great producer and have been involved with both our other records so the choice was easy.

What can we expect from the follow up to Fly To The Sun?
Now with Chris Caffery on my side it will take a little different shape. And we just started with the record so just don't know how it's gonns turn out yet.

Who are your favorite guitar player?
Adrian Smith is one of my absolute favorite players.

What song do you wish you had written?
Stairway To Heaven or Madonna's Like A Virgin.

Who would be dream guests on a Sandalinas album?
Adrian Smith and Madonna.

What is the best moment in Sandalinas history so far?
Now!!!! I'm real happy. The atmosphere is so good.We're all friends, the band,Chris and Andy.It's like a brotherhood or a family.

What bands would you like to tour with?
Iron Maiden and Madonna J . There are tons of bands. King Diamond is one of them and of course Savatage. Any band that would take us somewhere.

Any plans to come and play in Sweden?
Maybe Sweden Rock Festival next year, who knows. We're working on tour dates very hard at the moment. Hopefully soon we will play in Sweden.

What do you think of Varberg?
I love it. I live in Costa Brava. And here is where I can work and have a good time. It's close to the sea and the studio is amazing.
And the friendship with Andy, he's a supergreat person.


Andy Flash Report 4/8-2008