As a photographer I've had some photos in album sleeves:

Critical Solution:Evidence Of Things Unseen (2011)

Close Quarters:Always Alot,Never Little (2015)

Critical Solution:Sleepwalker (2015)

Osukaru:House Of Mirrors (2018) (tour programe)


Over the years I've had the great honor to have be on a couple of albums "Thank You" lists:

Parazite:Consider It Done (ep)-1994

Livin' Parazite:Paranoia Chaos-1996

Livin' Parazite:Down-2002

The Andersson Mills Project:Crank It Up-2006


Frozen Rain:Frozen Rain-2008

Healer Of God:Healer Of God-2010

M.ill.ion:Sane And Insanity-2011

My Name Is Janet:Red Room Blue-2011

Katana:Storms Of War-2012

Frozen Rain:Ahead Of Time-2012

Revengia:Lake Of Fire-2012

Critical Solution:Evil Never Dies-2013

Critical Solution:Sleepwalker (2015)

Osukaru:The Labyrinth (2017)

Critical Solution:Barbara The Witch (2017)

Art Nation:Liberation (2017)

Denied:Freedom Of Speech...(2018)

Osukaru:House Of Mirrors (2018) (also in tour programe)

King Diamond:Songs For The Dead Live! (dvd/cd) (2019)


Some of the footage used in this video I filmed at the bands gig at Oscars Rockbar,Varberg Sept 6th 2019:

White Monkey:Superhero (2019)